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 John Cena rules!!!




Bürgerlicher Name:John Felix Anthony Cena
Geburtstag:23. April 1977
Geburtsort:USA: West Newbury, Massachussetts
Gimmicks:Prototype (OVW/UPW)
John Cena(WWE)
Wrestler seit:2000
Gehaltene Titel:OVW Heavyweight Champion
OVW Tag Team Champion
UPW Heavyweight Champion
WWE United States Champion
Lieblingswrestler als Kind:Don Muraco
Randy Savage
Road Warrior
Lieblingsschauspieler:Harrison Ford
Lieblingsfilme:Star Wars 1,4,5,6
Kurzbiografie:War ehemaliger Footballspieler am Springfield College
Hat einen Sportwissenschaftsabschluss
Seinen ersten WWE Auftritt hatte John dann am 27. Juni 2002 in Smackdown.
Forderte dort Kurt Angle heraus und verpasste den Sieg sehr knapp, worauf er viel Lob erntete, besonders erwähnenswert vom Undertaker
Bei Wrestlemania XX holte er dann mit dem US Title gegen Big Show seinen ersten Titel


The formative years...


Maybe no WWE Superstar can relate to the fans as much as John Cena.

After all, before Cena became an all known name in the wwe,  before he became an accomplished rapper and before he earned the leading role in a major motion picture, he was a WWE fan.  Cena came to live events, made homemade signs and even collected WWE toys. All in hope of one day wrestling in the ring himself.

And Cena's dream came true in fashion at Wrestlemania 21 when he beat JBL for the WWE Championship. In the Staples Center, the same arena where he watched many matches as a fan, Cena won the WWE Championship.

A former football star at Springfield College, Cena was addicted to training and music as he was  growing up. After a great bodybuilding career, he began his wrestling carreer not very long after he left college. The rest is history.

Now, his amazing physique and great mic skills make him one of the top Superstars on RAW.

But Cena can do much more than look good and drop a smooth rhyme. He is also an determined and accomplished WWE competitor, despite making his debut less than three years ago.

Cena is a multi-time U.S Champ and current WWE Champion. He started his first U.S. Championship reign in great fashion by defeating 500 pound big show! at WrestleMania XX.

In June, 2002, Cena had one of the most memorable debuts in SmackDown! history. After Angle challenged anyone in the back to a match, Cena, looking for a big break, made his way to the ring.

Angle would win that match, but Cena took him to the brink, impressing everyone there that night, including the    SmackDown! roster. In his short time with WWE, Cena has already got quite a resume.

By April, 2003, Cena was already in his first ppv main event, facing Brock Lesnar for the WWE title at Backlash.

He defended his U.S title in a thrilling best-of-five series with Booker T in fall, 2004. In the 2005 Royal Rumble, Cena was the last Superstar to go over the top, as  Batista went on to emerge victorious.

At No Way Out, Cena pinned Angle in the final of the No. 1 Contender's Tournament, landing Cena a spot against JBL for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 21.

Cena, of course, defeated JBL at WrestleMania 21 and defend his new WWE title against his nemesis in a brutal I Quit Match at Judgment Day. Cena was on a roll and it looked like he'd be ruling SmackDown! for a long time to come.

But WWE fans were shocked to learn that the WWE Champ was the first 2005 Draft Lottery pick, sending the Dr. of Thuganomics over to RAW. Cena, the champion that he is, told the RAW roster, "If you want some, come get some."

 Cristian and Jericho answered the challenge and the two vied for the WWE title against Cena in a Triple Threat Match at Vengeance. Cena once again came out on top as he pinned Christian after an FU.

Through all of his success, Cena has never forgotten his roots, which began in the bleachers watching the likes of Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, HBK and Bret Hart.

He refers to his fans as members of his "Chain Gang." Together, he KNOWS, they can't lose. And so far, the combination of their support and his talent, have made John Cena one of the top Superstars around



When the lights go down...


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John Cena, Word Life
(2004 wwe)
Fueled by ruthless aggression, John Cena burst onto the WWE scene in 2002 , when he challenged Kurt Angle to an impromptu match and almost took the olympic gold medalist out. Very rarely has an athlete entered the ring who can walk the walk and talk the talk immediately, but if anyone could have done it, it would be John Cena. Cena has faced some of the very best to ever compete in the WWE and has held his own. It is only a matter of time before this young upstart has a championship belt around his waist.


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fued between cena and jericho...
Posted 7/23/05

when cena 1st came on raw jericho was amazed and they became tag team partners...for 1 night. after their first succesful tag team match jericho attacked cena from behind and began a brutal assault slamming his shoulder into the pole and smacking his forehead off the uncovered banister. later on cena went mad attacking jericho in the parking lot repeatedly punching him in the head... the next week cena defended his title successfully by defeated muhammed hassan. after the match as cena was celebrating jericho jumped him from behind again! cena was tryin to fight back and he was until captain carisma came out helping jericho..then the bagan a brutal assult on the wwe champion...  this has got personal... and we found out lately that at summerslam cena will be defending his wwe title against y2j (y2cheap)... jericho will hav hell 2 pay at summmerslamm!!!
summerslam is inching around the corner when a couple days ago on raw Cena faced Carlito for the WWE championship with chris jericho as the referee.  making it a handicapped match where with jerichos help using the uncovered bariier several occasions the fighting champ john cena still managed 2 defeat carlito by knocking jericho out of the ring, and FUing carlito.  when cena hooked his leg vince mcmahon sent another referee 2 the ring. Big thanx 2 thee boss 4 being there that night! after the match jericho began a visios assault on cena ... snake eyesing hiim on the barrier!  suplexing him on the outside!! cracking a video camera over his head to open a wound!!! and while cena was profusely bleeding from the head jericho locked in the walls of jericho while eric bishoff repeatedly slapped him in the face!!!! when RAW went off air a referee and a few EMTS had 2 help cena out of the ring!!!!! cena is going 2 kill jericho at summerslam!!!!!! be back with the summerslam match results next...
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